New sixaxis will be a huge suprise

July 14, 2007

Were not talking just adding “touchsense” rumble. Were talking a great new controller. A complete redesign. What I am hearing is that this TGS 2007, the “WaveSense” will be revealed. It will be like the current sixaxis but will feature a “Home” button that will have the Home logo on it, a new square PS button located under the Home button, “Touchsense” rumble, a pull out touch screen and a pull out QWERTY keyboard. The controller will be a little bit heavier and may retail up to 79.99, more than the price of a current PS3 game.

EDIT: I have been given word that parts may be removed, due to pricing issues.


4 Responses to “New sixaxis will be a huge suprise”

  1. Evoroth said

    Going to have to agree there. It’s a bit too much for a controller. For christ sake, who in their right mind would pay $80 for just a controller.

    I’m a PS3 owner, and if they did bring a controller out like that I can say that I definately wouldn’t bother buying it.

    They are trying too hard to gain ground on the 360 if they are resorting to ridiculous ideas like that.

  2. bdgamers said

    Haha… made me laugh!

  3. Mastercharged said

    if its a great i would pay big bucks for such a controller.

  4. Mr Miagi said

    Cobblers. This site should be renamed “Gaming Made-Up-On-The-Spot Rumours”

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