No more Wii DVD version

July 14, 2007

After the success of the current Wii, its hard to imagine the point of adding another SKU to the mix. Especially one that is higher priced and will unsatisfy early adopters. Originally the plan for the Wii was to have an add-on Wii DVD player. Then later, there would be a DVD Wii version in late 2007. But after this years E3 and the success of the current Wii there will be no way for you to have a DVD playing Wii (unless you mod it). While I don’t think anyone will be unhappy with this desicion, its important to note that this could mean that they will add another SKU later in about 2-3 years known to some of us as Wii HD.


3 Responses to “No more Wii DVD version”

  1. Gil said

    The fact is, who doesn’t own a DVD player nowadays? Twould be pointless to have DVD capabilities on the Wii in my opinion.

    I actually have 7 DVD players (I’m including game systems with DVD playback) in my house. Not all are hooked up to the tv but they are fully functioning systems.

  2. gaminginsider said

    I definetly agree with you. And it seems that most consumers obviously don’t care much about that fuctionality either.

  3. reubenrock said

    Having a DVD player built in to the Wii would reduce clutter – and that matters for some people. My wife was complaining about how cluttered our TV stand was, so I hacked the Wii and got rid of our other DVD player.

    It took a while to find the right info to hack it, so after all that research I thought it might be useful to other potential Wii DVD wishers.

    My reviews of the top 3 products for Wii DVD playback is at if you want to check them out. I found a couple that were really great and added tons of cool features to my Wii.

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