Warhawk rumor explosion

July 14, 2007

The build that the beta players played on some weeks ago was by far not even close to the final version. When Warhawk launches this fall you will notice several updates:

  •  A huge graphical update- Were talking about something around Gears of War
  • Expanded player limit to 32 vs. 32 in team matches
  • Lots of downloadable content on launch
  • 6 new weapons ( 1 from Insomniac’s popular PS3 shooter Resistance)
  • 4 new vehicles

Possibly Warhawk could turn out to be a suprise hit.

EDIT: Note the little word in the title that says “rumor”. Sorry for all confusion.


15 Responses to “Warhawk rumor explosion”

  1. Majic Morgan said

    No way dud this cant be true, if so then sick! But is this a creditable site, how can we belive this?

  2. Anonymous said

    no way

  3. fouad said

    it was me for no way ,lol

    non way : 32 vs 32 and gears of war graphics !

    this is insane…

  4. Anonymous said

    Hahahahahahahaha I can’t believe you fools are falling for this it’s fake. Dylan jobe has said 32 total max players is the sweet spot and iot won’t change. Second he just did an interview with IGN http://ps3.ign.com/articles/804/804002p1.html
    and made mention of none of this or anything even close to this. so are you guys actually saying you believe a site that has a total of 6 stories over IGN?

  5. dude147 said

    it would be cool, but c’mon, Resistance weapons in Warhawk??? pleez. the chances of that happening are the same chances of doing missions for the easter bunny in GTA IV. absolutely none. get real.

  6. mariusmal said

    umh. i heard that in the beat there were some invite only rooms with 32 vs 32. that’s the only part. about the graphics being in par with Gears of war… i dont care, i only want good gameplay… screw the graphics

  7. Delive said

    Key the lights on the word Rumor.
    :Gears graphics? It was addictive without them.
    :Resistance Weapon? Naughty Dog used properties from Insomniac games as well as clap hands. Why could this not apply to Incog?
    :32 vs 32? Don’t announce it unless you know you can do it. Beta was 16vs16. Rumor was there were rooms with 64 total, Most likely testing it to see if it could be done, but not announcing incase it flopped.

    I’m just speculating on rumors. We all do it. So easy just to shoot stuff down. I’ll run with it for the @#%$ of it.

  8. gaminginsider said

    Thanks Delive, for understanding that this is a rumor.

  9. john said

    I dont kno why all of u are freaking out. Yes it’s probably not true, but 32+32 online is NOT impossible (maybe on a 3shitty) but not the PS3. And yes they could achieve GOW graphics. Why not?? They just need time, but since the game is almost out this particular article is probably false. I’m just really waiting for UNREAL YEAH BABY!!! Sorry 3shitty boys 😦 stick to cartoon kid games like halo

  10. D.Vader said

    This could go either way. I think Sony has learned their lesson and are trying to under-promise over-deliver now.

  11. Anonymous said

    i could happen they can fit a crap load on to a blu ray so i think its highly possible

  12. Kid said

    john, the 360 will be getting UT3 it’ll just come out a little later. while you’re playng UT3 I’ll be playing Bioshock or Mass Effect

  13. valentin10 said

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