Warhawk Rumors Persist

July 16, 2007

At first hearing 32 vs. 32 in a single game, on a console I was thoroughly impressed. But then obviously, there must be some lag? Even commenters find this hard to believe.

 Well start believing, because although 64 players won’t be happening upon the games release, it is coming. There will be special dedicated servers for lag free 64 player online battles. This will happen within the 1st 2 months of release, along with gigantic maps made for 64 people.

In terms of vehicles except to see 2 variations of a motorcycle type vehicle, and a hoverboat type addition that can fly, hold a maximum of 5 people and float on water.

 Remember folks, these are just rumors.


2 Responses to “Warhawk Rumors Persist”

  1. Joe said

    I think this is great to hear there will be a Hovercraft this was one vehicle I was wishing there was in the game. The beta was great and there was levels with water. But if you went in it you died so now if you can fight on water that would be sweet.

    Plus the part about the 64 most likely is going to come true. The reason I think it will is because in the beta there was servers that were testing 64 players online and you could only play in that server if you got another message from Sony after the one saying you got into the Beta.

    So I think 64 players online can happen just will not happen right away.

    So Warhawk sounds like it should be even better after I get to play it again.

  2. Chris said

    i pray every night that this is true

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