Free game of your choice

July 17, 2007

To kick off the site, we will be offering a 2 free games. 1 free game (any system) to the blogger that blogs the most and another free game(any system) for the most involved person within in the site  (i.e. posting comments, giving good tips and suggestions for the site and more)… All be sure to let you know when the contest ends. Thanks


6 Responses to “Free game of your choice”

  1. valentin10 said

    Very good blog, very rich nice pictures and articles, congratulations !!!

  2. gaminginsider said

    @Valentin: I assume your kidding.

  3. Laurent Boileau said

    Don’t mind him, he spams in every posts that WordPress lists as a top post.

  4. gaminginsider said

    Oh ok, thanks.

  5. dan e said

    im not tryin to be harsh or anything and its just a suggestion that if you make the site more decorative and advertise on more search engines such as dogpile and doogle and try adding more pages that always helps like mine for example.

    have a look if u want

  6. dan e said

    it is i know it is a piczo site but it is still good

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