PlayStation Home- Not such a good idea?

July 17, 2007

At first at GDC, I was amazed! This sounded so cool. A virtual world where I can meet up with people, hang out and talk. I certainly can’t do that in the real world. But, really at first it sounded cool. And then I figured out the real reason for Home. For companies to use this as advertising space. A way also- for Sony to get money for thier online service, which would keep it free to play on PSN.

 The real problem here, is that is anyone actually going to walk into a virtual (lets say) Ubisoft store and check out the games available and see all the demos they have in store? In my opinion, people just want to be able to go to the PlayStation Store download the demo. Not search around a virtual world for a simple less than 1 hour demo. And if users don’t end up looking at the advertising space- companies will stop advertising on PlayStation Home.

Eventually, once advertising gets to a minimum on PlayStation Home, in order for Sony to have a solid online service, consumers will have to pay.  Don’t expect users to start paying for PSN yet- and they shouldn’t its not worth it at all with barely any demos and additions for your game- wait until mid-2008 once the novelty wears off. Hey, maybe Sony’s already realized this. If I recall in a G4 interview the head of the PSN branch said something close to that somewhere down the road you will have to pay to play on the PlayStation Network.

 Another factor is that people will actually buy a fake Sony Bravia HDTV amongst many other items for thier Homespace. I don’t know who would waste money on something that has no value? Especially if you get bored with Home and stop going to your Homespace.

We will have to see this Fall if Home is actually any good. In my opinion- it will be fun for the first few months. But just like the Nintendo Wii’s controller but, after playing with it for a while, it certainly will get boring.


One Response to “PlayStation Home- Not such a good idea?”

  1. sjonnie said

    I don’t understand why people see home as a game?

    (quote: after playing with it for a while, it certainly will get boring.)

    Maybe you should consider home as a hub or gateway towards other online activities.

    I think it is a brilliant concept.

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