2 new Wii IPs, to be announced at TGS

July 18, 2007

Wii, which happens to be lacking in third-party support (Gamecube 2 anyone?) and also lacking any good new IPs (unless your into the WiiFit thing). Well Nintendo may just be getting thier break with 2 new IPs that may be pretty good. Although I know of some certain Wii games that may be coming out- here are the 2 that are most likely.

1. Turok: Wii
This particular title just says “meh” too me. It could be because if you have seen the PS3/Xbox 360 version you know the visuals look great, but just as any Wii title it can’t compete. And chances are gameplay will be okay, if not bad. Unless Nintendo can work closely with the studio developing this title, this game will just be one those “it could of been great” games.

2. Untitled Hayao Miyazaki project
Hayao Miyazaki is one of the best in the Anime biz. Is he good at making games? Who knows. Is he good at making stories? Definetley. If this title actually isn’t just one big minigame, has tons of substance, a great storyline, good gameplay it could be a title the Wii needs. Expect it to have cell-shaded graphics, a release date of 2009.


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