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Were not talking just adding “touchsense” rumble. Were talking a great new controller. A complete redesign. What I am hearing is that this TGS 2007, the “WaveSense” will be revealed. It will be like the current sixaxis but will feature a “Home” button that will have the Home logo on it, a new square PS button located under the Home button, “Touchsense” rumble, a pull out touch screen and a pull out QWERTY keyboard. The controller will be a little bit heavier and may retail up to 79.99, more than the price of a current PS3 game.

EDIT: I have been given word that parts may be removed, due to pricing issues.

Warhawk rumor explosion

July 14, 2007

The build that the beta players played on some weeks ago was by far not even close to the final version. When Warhawk launches this fall you will notice several updates:

  •  A huge graphical update- Were talking about something around Gears of War
  • Expanded player limit to 32 vs. 32 in team matches
  • Lots of downloadable content on launch
  • 6 new weapons ( 1 from Insomniac’s popular PS3 shooter Resistance)
  • 4 new vehicles

Possibly Warhawk could turn out to be a suprise hit.

EDIT: Note the little word in the title that says “rumor”. Sorry for all confusion.

As it is, Haze and Unreal Tournament 3 are both timed exclusives. Both titles will arrive on the Xbox 360 in 2008. In order for Sony to show 3rd party developers that games can do very well on the PlayStation 3, they plan to use Haze and UT3 as an example. Sony is trying hard with both studios -Ubisoft and Epic Games- to assure that both titles are top notch and will be available no where else. Although the former is much more likely than the latter and probably will happen, if Sony is consistent in starting off this fall to a good start than just maybe. But I doubt any studio will just throw away ports that they already are working on.