Heavenly Sword will be getting online multiplayer in November 2007. It will be a downloadable add-on via the PlayStation Store. It will be free of charge. There will be several modes available in online play. You will create your own custom warrior to fight online, with a varitey of customization options. You can also download accessories and many other items for your warrior on the PlayStation Store. Currently the modes available are:

  • Deathmatch (Maximum of 8 players per game)
  • PVP (1 vs. 1)
  • Capture the Flag (16 players)
  • Control (Capture all the Zones on the map to win, 16 players)
  • 2 modes that have yet to be revealed

The download will also bring splitscreen offline and splitscreen online (similar to Warhawk) to the game. Online seems to be a must this generation and Ninja Theory will be bringing it to Heavenly Sword. Hopefully it isn’t just tacked on, I wouldn’t mind them even delaying the game to make sure that online is available on the day of release.


New logo

July 18, 2007

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Wii, which happens to be lacking in third-party support (Gamecube 2 anyone?) and also lacking any good new IPs (unless your into the WiiFit thing). Well Nintendo may just be getting thier break with 2 new IPs that may be pretty good. Although I know of some certain Wii games that may be coming out- here are the 2 that are most likely.

1. Turok: Wii
This particular title just says “meh” too me. It could be because if you have seen the PS3/Xbox 360 version you know the visuals look great, but just as any Wii title it can’t compete. And chances are gameplay will be okay, if not bad. Unless Nintendo can work closely with the studio developing this title, this game will just be one those “it could of been great” games.

2. Untitled Hayao Miyazaki project
Hayao Miyazaki is one of the best in the Anime biz. Is he good at making games? Who knows. Is he good at making stories? Definetley. If this title actually isn’t just one big minigame, has tons of substance, a great storyline, good gameplay it could be a title the Wii needs. Expect it to have cell-shaded graphics, a release date of 2009.

Remember Cellius? You shouldn’t… Cellius is a gaming studio joined by Namco Bandai and Sony. Which is Cellius so interesting? Besides delivering 3 brand new IPs, the development team head on all 3 games is Ken Kuturagi.

 As we know, Ken no longer is with Sony(but will oversee the next generations of PlayStation), further gratifying this rumor. Also, we haven’t heard anything about any of these games since Cellius was formed, except for some pre-concept shots from a while back.

Its a shame if Cellius comes to a close, I am sure they could of produced some amazing PS3 games.

At first at GDC, I was amazed! This sounded so cool. A virtual world where I can meet up with people, hang out and talk. I certainly can’t do that in the real world. But, really at first it sounded cool. And then I figured out the real reason for Home. For companies to use this as advertising space. A way also- for Sony to get money for thier online service, which would keep it free to play on PSN.

 The real problem here, is that is anyone actually going to walk into a virtual (lets say) Ubisoft store and check out the games available and see all the demos they have in store? In my opinion, people just want to be able to go to the PlayStation Store download the demo. Not search around a virtual world for a simple less than 1 hour demo. And if users don’t end up looking at the advertising space- companies will stop advertising on PlayStation Home.

Eventually, once advertising gets to a minimum on PlayStation Home, in order for Sony to have a solid online service, consumers will have to pay.  Don’t expect users to start paying for PSN yet- and they shouldn’t its not worth it at all with barely any demos and additions for your game- wait until mid-2008 once the novelty wears off. Hey, maybe Sony’s already realized this. If I recall in a G4 interview the head of the PSN branch said something close to that somewhere down the road you will have to pay to play on the PlayStation Network.

 Another factor is that people will actually buy a fake Sony Bravia HDTV amongst many other items for thier Homespace. I don’t know who would waste money on something that has no value? Especially if you get bored with Home and stop going to your Homespace.

We will have to see this Fall if Home is actually any good. In my opinion- it will be fun for the first few months. But just like the Nintendo Wii’s controller but, after playing with it for a while, it certainly will get boring.

Gears of War is currently only on Xbox 360 and PC, but don’t worry anti-Microsoft fans! Gears will also arrive on Macs that run OS X.

 Anyways, Gears is on Mac which is great for the 5% of us who uses Macs.

 Hold on, I just got a great idea! How about I get a Mac, then run Bootcamp which allows me to have Windows and OSX on my mac and that way I can have all the exclusive content there is, on any platform! From Xbox 360 to Windows to OSX.

 Oh and by the way Unreal Tournament 3 will be coming to Macs also.

To kick off the site, we will be offering a 2 free games. 1 free game (any system) to the blogger that blogs the most and another free game(any system) for the most involved person within in the site  (i.e. posting comments, giving good tips and suggestions for the site and more)… All be sure to let you know when the contest ends. Thanks

Warhawk Rumors Persist

July 16, 2007

At first hearing 32 vs. 32 in a single game, on a console I was thoroughly impressed. But then obviously, there must be some lag? Even commenters find this hard to believe.

 Well start believing, because although 64 players won’t be happening upon the games release, it is coming. There will be special dedicated servers for lag free 64 player online battles. This will happen within the 1st 2 months of release, along with gigantic maps made for 64 people.

In terms of vehicles except to see 2 variations of a motorcycle type vehicle, and a hoverboat type addition that can fly, hold a maximum of 5 people and float on water.

 Remember folks, these are just rumors.

looking for bloggers

July 16, 2007

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